¬†What we’re talking about here are aluminum cans from soda or beer or something like that, used as a home-made pipe sort of a device. It’s a dangerous method if used over long periods of time, and should only be your last resort if no other method to smoke weed is available. Unlike a bong, it does not filter out the smoke through a liquid. And, unlike a blunt, there are other chemicals besides plant leaf that you inhale, like aluminum paint and adhesives. These are NOT good for your lungs, which is why smoking marijuana from a can should not be done frequently. Besides, it doesn’t even look cool – smoking bud should be a socializing process, after all.

Making a can pipe is very simple, which is why a lot of teenagers are allured to it; it makes smoking weed possible almost anywhere where there’s a gas station. Buy your soda, and drink it, or pour it out if you aren’t thirsty and want to get high right then and there. You can discard the can opener that you squeeze to push the top of the can through to make your drinking hole. The drinking hole will be your mouth piece. Hold the can horizontally, the mouth piece facing you, and rotate it until the hole is at the top. Make a small indent in the top of the can with your thumb, it should be maybe half an inch deep at most. Using a needle or a thumbtack (the easiest would be a thumbtack), make about 20-30 holes in close proximity to each other inside of that indentation. The end result should look like this:

Throw your bud in the top of the can, where the indent is. The holes serve as the “pipe’s” screen, letting the weed rest there, yet you can still inhale it. Light it, and start inhaling after 3-4 seconds of the bud being exposed to open flame. As an optional upgrade, you can make a hole through the other side of the pipe, opposite your mouth piece. This will be your “shotgun” that you put a finger over while hitting the bud, and at the end you’ll release it, making all the built-up smoke inside the can exit through the mouth piece and straight into your lungs. Those hits are really harsh, so a shotgun is recommended only for experienced users.

Once again, this should ALWAYS be a last resort method. A vaporizer is much safer. If you smoke weed out of a can frequently, you inhale the paint and other aluminum-related chemicals just as often. Stick to a bong or roll joints, but don’t try to smoke from a can a lot. It’s quick and convenient, but there’s a downside to it, and the health risks associated with smoking out of a can are just not worth it. If you’re curious, take a look at the can once you’re done smoking. Empty out the residue charcoal-black plant from the indent in the can, and look at it. It’ll be stained with black tar and other crap – and that’s just on the small outside part of the can. Imagine what’s inside the can, and in your lungs.